Stating the obvious

My quick scan of the news over lunch brought up two articles that I just had to mention.  In both a key player states the blindingly obvious in such a way that you wonder what they’ve been doing during the rest of their careers to only just reach these decisions.

First off we have the French President French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his fabulous quote about the European union;

“something isn’t right”

BBC News Website – Warning as France takes EU helm

Can you say Treaty of Lisbon? Bureaucratic insanity?  Don’t worry we’re going to fly to the moon!

Then we have the wife of former Prime Minister Tony Blair speaking out on the government’s failure to address crime and violence, and particularly youth crime/violence.

“I think the evidence that we heard from people on the street and indeed the figures we were getting from hospitals, is that there are more people presenting with injuries caused in this way. …younger children are carrying knives and, sadly, using them – the statistics are not looking at the right areas. They [the government and statistics gatherers] need to broaden what they are looking at.”

BBC News Website – Cherie’s crime fears for children

Just makes me wonder, wasn’t Tony the Prime Minister for the last ten years?  and isn’t Cherie a barrister (since 1976) and a judge (since 1999)?

Truth is stranger than fiction, and I guess they just had to state the obvious

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