A new kind of weather

There is nothing more English than discussing the weather.  It might sound cliched, but it is true that if you get a group of strangers together sooner or later they will start discussing last years floods, the hot summer and how it compares to the heatwave of ’75, and the fact that “we don’t get winters like we used to”.  I even do it myself, and my American wife has also contracted this conversational habit to the extent that she has just described this morning’s weather in the very British manner of combining two existing words to make a new one.

We’ve been experiencing heavy rain, low cloud, and warm temperatures here in northern Virginia.  When these are combined it means that in the breaks in the rain the road looks like it has smoke rising all over it as the mist evaporates off the road surface back into the humid Virginian air.  Combining this with low cloud means we have a rising mist and a falling cloud….hmmm, falling clouds make fog…. mist and fog must mean it is moggy or fisty out there right now!

I’ll try and get a photograph of this bizarre effect, however right now I’m going to go back to watching animated radar maps and hoping the 60% chance of rain being predicted for this afternoon and evening means that there is a 40% chance of me not getting soaked while letting off fireworks!


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