British Grand Prix 2008

I’d written this post on Saturday before Fox ruined my live coverage by time delaying it for 5 hours!!!

Posted in advance because I’m hoping to be awake and watching the race now…

On the downside, I’m sad to hear that Silverstone has lost the Grand Prix and that it will be moving to Donnington Park for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix of  2010.  That said, I feel that although the immediate onsite access roads to Donnington leave a lot to be desired, it does have major transportation links on its doorstep with East Mids airport, and the M1 and M42/A42 passing very close by.  Having spent many happy hours at both circuits I know both have advantages, and both have disadvantages, if we could make them both world leading circuits that would be even better!  My biggest concerns are the nature of the deal, and my continued scepticism that Berni has the best interest of the sport in mind (BBC Sports).

On the upside, watch the Williams cars closely this weekend, they are both bearing livery in support of the Territorial Army celebrating their one hundredth anniversary (MOD News).  Rogue Gunner has a great photo caption on this very topic!

Now to see what happens this year….


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