Formula 1 on Fox… Not!

The British Grand Prix, the penultimate time this historic race will be run at Silverstone before its much debated move to Donnington Park in 2010.  This race is being broadcast live…..not!

Due to the Wimbledon Men’s Final, Fox Television, and Fox Sports, which have approximately 10 channels in the US, have decided to time delay the British Grand Prix for 5 hours, and show it at 1pm our time.  So I must now avoid all media and internet access, and leave my mobile phone switched off until after watching the race.

To any Fox employees that may be reading this….  Oi, idiots, this is unbelievable!  When I was growing up in Great Britain with only 4 channels of television they managed to show the Wimbledon Final and the Grand Prix at the same time.  When the BBC held the franchise to both sports and had only two channels they managed it.  This is America, the 4th of July weekend, and you’ve a dozen channels, Fox, Fox News, Fox Sports, Fox World Sports, et al, at your disposal and yet you can’t free up enough space for two major international sporting events at the same time.  Hope you plan better during the olymics, they sometimes have several sport events on the same day, even in the same stadium, how will you cope?  If you greedly grab the franchise for the 5 most popular races of the season (the rest are shown on the SPEED Channel) then you should, guess what, show them live like they do on SPEED…

Okay, I feel better now, and while the rest of you are watching the first few laps I’m going back to bed!


  1. uphilldowndale · July 6, 2008

    It takes about 5 hours for paint to dry doesn’t it? 😉
    Sorry, the Grand Prix all seems just a little to ‘prescriptive’ for my tastes in sport (which are limited)

  2. bardsworld · July 6, 2008

    I must admit it isn’t my motorsport of choice (I’d prefer Touring Car or Rally, or the old F1 turbo days of the ’80s) but when living this side of the pond your choices are Football (American), Baseball, Basketball, Hockey (Ice), and then Nascar (Oval racing in cars set to steer only one way), Nascar Truck (same as before with pickup trucks), Monster trucks, and schoolbus demolition derby (bizarre and yet strangely entertaining) you find yourself hungry for a drop of F1 intrigue, any rugby match you can find, and Wimbledon or Cricket scores on Radio 4 longwave 😉

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