A Shakespearean Ending

The 1998 theft of a 1623 folio edition of the works of William Shakespeare from Durham University was a tragedy, and one would expect the robbery to have been a ‘robbery to order’ for some rich but crazed collector.  However, it seems the criminal mastermind was foolish in a way that would have startled even James Bond’s enemies.

According to the BBC News website a 51 year old man, claiming to be an international business man (don’t we all) walked into the Folger Library in Washington D.C. and asked them to value the book.  Even more amazingly he left the book with them when they asked!  Additional information from The Times Online reveals that the man claimed to have aquired the book in Cuba, but was arrested at an address in an a totally different Washington, Washington, Tyne & Wear, in the north east of England.

Hmmmm, seeing as the Washington of his arrest is in County Durham which is the same county as Durham University resides in are you a little suspicious as to the honesty of his ‘international businessman’ “I purchased it in Cuba” alibi???

All’s Well That Ends Well 🙂

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