and everybody danced

and everybody danced
and everybody danced

When you’re invited to a pre-wedding Mehndi celebration, and the invite says “Ethnic attire” you make a bit of an effort, I wore a scarf (not much of an effort there but I couldn’t find a shirt that would fit) and Laura borrowed a fabulous outfit (thanks everyone involved) that meant we met the requirements marvelously.

The Mehndi celebration was absolutely amazing, with grand entrances for both the prospective bride and groom.  Both entrances were traditional in fashion, with the groom being danced in with brilliant live percussion.  The bride’s entrance appeared equally orthodox, entering under a canopy carried by friends and relatives, but the choice of music showed her cultural heritage with aplomb as we bounced in tothe sound of Dropkick Murphys – Shipping Up to Boston (Skreemr link) which was absolutely amazing, and had the whole crowd jumping!  The DJs managed this traditional twist and a whole series of cultural mash-ups with great skill, creating news twists by mixing bhangra with American rock standards like “Sweet Home Alabama”, Guns and Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” and Michael Jacksons “Thriller”!  They even played Panjabi MC‘s “Mundian to Bach Ke” which I remembered hearing on a BBC Radio 1 late night show (probably John Peel’s show) when I lived in England in the late ’90s.

I won’t mention the fact that due to Laura’s problems telling time we initially arrived at 1pm for a 7pm event… so we drove back home and tried again 6 hours later!


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