Update – and we’ll take car thieves to showrooms

In an amazing (or not) complete change of direction from Saturday morning’s news articles:

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has told MPs she never said youngsters caught with knives should be made to visit stab victims in hospital….

“We are not, and I have never said we are, proposing to bring young people into wards to see patients,” she added.

BBC News – Brown targets ‘problem families’

That’ll be the u-turn then!!!

Can you spot the rapid 180 degree change in direction from:

She said the hospital visits would “make people realise that there is nothing glamorous about carrying a knife, it doesn’t help you to be more safe and you will end up in serious trouble.

“I just think that’s a better way of making people face up to the consequences of action and making them more likely not to carry knives again in the future.”

BBC News – Shock tactics for knife carriers

Now there are some claims she was only “trialling” the idea of the policy, and not stating fact.  Her own words seem even stronger, implying that every Saturday paper was wrong!!!  If only Labour had “trialled” more policies over the weekend before abandonning any knowledge of them on Monday morning!  The unbelievable idiocy of our elected officials at work knows no bounds!


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