Delia Derbyshire – Dr Who and Dance Music!

Tucked away in a dusty corner of the BBC News website is an article entitled “Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer“.  Now since I’m a fan of the early Dr Who series (having not watched with any regularity since Sylvester Macoy (Wikipedia Biography) wore the scarf) and am married to a musical genius, it seemed like a logical article for me to take an interest in.  In it they explained how lost tapes had been found featuring tracks that sounded like contmporary dance music but were composed many decades ago.

The life of Delia Derbyshire (Wikipedia biography) and her work in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop is a fascinating read, and the music she created breathtaking especially when you consider the technology available at the time.  Her original realisation of the Dr Who theme is so iconic that it has defined the theme music of the show to this day.  She was a true pioneer of electronic music and yet her name is known to very few people, so may I suggest the following links about this amazing composer and musician:

  • – constructed with Delia’s help and encouragement. Its aim is to provide an accurate and informative resource on her work.
  • – an audiological chronology, including video clips and sound samples.

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