German Grand Prix on Fox

Sunday, July 20th 2008 – German Grand Prix, Hockenheim.

Lewis Hamilton on pole, and an exciting race ahead with 4 drivers fighting for the top spot in the driver’s championship!

A quick request to my British and European audience, please don’t tell me what happens!!!

Once again, Fox Sports have shown a complete lack of understanding for the motorsports enthusiast, delaying broadcast of the German Grand Prix until 1pm (Eastern) on Sunday.  I know that showing the event later means that they can charge more for the advertising slots based upon the “higher predicted audience figures” for an early afternoon showing, but for those of us who understand that Formula One is a global sport we want to watch it live and experience the excitement first hand.  We don’t want to have to watch a happily editied version 6 hours after the race has begun, and we don’t want to have to avoid all contact with the outside world on a Sunday morning so that we don’t inadvertantly see the result before we’ve seen the race!

So come on Fox, do us a favour, and show the race live.  If you must repeat it later, then repeat it later, but don’t make us wait!!!


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