Sitting at the airport

I’m starting to really enjoy the digital world.  Convergence is reaching the point where my cell-phone actually takes a reasonable photo (even if SMS picture-messaging is still rubbish), my laptop ways less than my parent’s first “briefcase mobile phone”, and almost every public location now has wi-fi access.  I still feel that grind when I have to pay for the web access, since surely communication should be free, but at least I can sit in the airport and check my work email, update my Facebook, and post a quick “off on vacation” post on my blog…

The only problem is you stare at the screen too long and suddenly realise that the seats around you have suddenly become very crowded by very strange people all set to become my new best friends as I sit squeezed with them in a thin aluminium tube tens of thousands of feet in the air above the Atlantic.  I love flying, and thoroughly enjoyed watching a documentary where Brian Blessed (“Gordon’s alive!”) explained how jet engines work (“who wants to live forever”).  The only problem is i think I’d enjoy it a whole lot more if there weren’t huge crowds of people eager to share the experience with me!

Okay, I’m rambling now and should start paying attention to the voice over the tannoy.  Interestingly most of the airlines seem to have crews from London these days, almost all the accents appear to be from south-east England!  Almost time to board, next post….England!


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