Review: Walton Hall – Barcelo Hotels

For the first two nights of our England stay we needed somewhere to crash since the cottage was a weekend to weekend rental.  After many deliberations, and much staring at maps and trawling of websites we selected Walton Hall, near Wellesbourne, in Warwickshire.  The Grade II listed 19th century country mansion seemed like a sure fire peaceful, rural, introduction to our trip.  Here are our thoughts:

Plus Points:

  • Peaceful, rural setting in a good location.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Large grounds to walk about in.

Negative Points:

  • Euro-business rooms lacking in local touches and style.
  • No lifts in hotel buildings making disabled access, or even access with heavy luggage difficult.
  • Single glazed rooms lacking air-conditioning, but with one piece duvet bedding better set for cold winters than warm summers.
  • Hotel is a recently built outbuilding, and only a few grand suites and conference halls are based in the actual hall itself.
  • Had to pay five pounds deposit for an 18inch CAT 5 network cable to hook up the laptop.
  • Double room with queen-size bed, but bathroom only had one hand towel, one bath towel, and no flannels!!!
  • Pool, Steam Room, and Sauna were all dirty and in poor condition.  Even a quick mop, wipe down, and hoover would have been an improvement.
  • Staff were numerous but relatively untrained in hotel services.  Simple errors like not setting our room key for a late checkout leaving us locked out of the building on our last day, taking over half an hour to respond to a “could you send some more toilet paper” request, etc.

Overall Laura and I agreed that we’d grade our experience as a “C-“ since the location was great but the hotel service left a lot to be desired.  Barcelo really have not made the most of this superb venue and we doubt we’ll be staying there again any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Review: Walton Hall – Barcelo Hotels

  1. bsarah2000

    I love traveling too and I learned through my travels that where you stay really affect the tone of your trip. If something isn’t right it can kind of put a damper on your day. What do you think. Next time you travel you should come stay at one of the Hotels I work for, Hampton Inn. I think you’ll really enjoy it quite a bit. Also right now we’re having a 10% off promotion so you gotta check us out.

    Check out this funny video, called “Ballad of a Traveler”, it is hilarious. He totally sums up the travelers experience:;jsessionid=SXEZ4FIZDCG4OCSGBJF2VCQ?it=specials,dreams&cid=om,hx,dreams,specials

    Check out this funny video, called “Ballad of a Traveler”, it is hilarious. He totally sums up the travelers experience:

    Sarah B

  2. Now normally I wouldn’t have posted such a blatant plug for a product as a comment, but I did for three reasons…

    #1. They admit they work for a company, and then promote that company in a friendly (not pushy) way.
    #2. They were quick to post, and weren’t trawling old posts via Google two years after I made the post.
    #3. The video is actually pretty funny!

    Unfortunately I’m not sure they have a Cotswold’s Hampton Inn and even if they do would it beat the thatched cottage I stayed in???

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