Heart Attack Awareness Day

August 11, 2008, is the British Heart Foundation‘s Heart Attack Awareness Day.

As part of their campaign to increase awareness about the symptoms of heart attack they are running a hard hitting two minute broadcast during commercial breaks which they say could be “the most important two minutes you’ll ever see.

You can watch the full two minute film online here www.2minutes.org.uk and read a report about the film on the BBC News Website.  The film is potentially shocking so viewer caution is advised, but it does reinforce the important message that if you are showing any of the symptoms of a heart attack you should seek professional help.

If you want to help fight heart disease you can donate now via this link on the British Heart Foundation website.


One comment

  1. uphilldowndale · August 11, 2008

    And a subject close to my heart, I wish they had included women, I know under a certain age women are less likely to suffer a heart attack, but women seem to be more willing to ignore the symptoms, in a ‘I’ll wait till the Dr’s opens and see if I can get an appointment’ sort of way….. err no, its a 999 moment, like NOW.

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