Delays for eco-towns, but no end to the spin

The Telegraph have an interesting article today about doubts being cast over the Government’s eco-town proposals, including the quote:

Earlier this month Caroline Flint, the Housing Minister, has disclosed in a little-noticed document that the final shortlist of locations for the towns, which was due to be published in October, will now not be released until next year.

The Telegraph – Eco-town plans in doubt as shortlist delayed

This is yet another example of a trend we’ve seen repeated many times under New Labour when bad news has been masked under spin, hidden in the midst of more opinion friendly stories, or whispered in quiet releases on days when international stories have grabbed the headlines.

With the list already down from 16 to 13 due to construction firms pulling out of these ill thought out projects it makes one wonder if the government is waiting for the attrition rate to save them from having to make a decision.  Will it be a reworking of the reality television series with the Caroline Flint presenting a series called “Last Eco-town Standing”?

Even the DCLG admits that only two or three of the towns should be built since the rest fail to be sufficiently environmentally friendly.  It makes you wonder how long this farce can continue, especially when viewed alongside the Housing Minister’s recent successful U-turn over a temporary stamp duty freeze.


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