I’ve posted before about the insulting and laughable responses from the No 10 website in a post entitled Government as usual.  At the time I found it unfortunate that the government’s response to the electorate was dismissive at best, I didn’t think it could get any worse.

Then I read this: No 10’s Clarkson video a ‘joke’ – BBC News Website

The video in question on YouTube (until the next U-turn when it will be rapidly removed or modified)

The link to the video on the number10.gov.uk website, showing the “official” response.

The Clarkson video on number10.gov.uk

The Clarkson video on number10.gov.uk

This appears on the number 10 website as well as the official No 10 YouTube channel, it is an official response from the British Government, and this time there is no mistaking the dismissive and insulting tone of their response.  Then they defend the action by stating:

No 10 said the clip had been created by a member of staff who had a “spare half hour” and had not cost any extra cash.

No 10’s Clarkson video a ‘joke’ – BBC News Website

Well may I suggest that if the employee had a spare half hour they should have used it to polish their resume as they should be rapidly, and publicly, sacked!  That spare half hour was paid for by the British tax payer.  The public servant in question has insulted the British public, degraded the public image of the government (not that easy to do in the current climate), in addition to misusing official equipment and communication channels.  If I were to do this in the private sector I would be fired, no question.  The No 10’s defence of this action is even more farcical!


The Telegraph – Downing Street ‘wastes money’ on anti-Clarkson video

Guardian – Critics fail to see funny side of No 10’s Jeremy Clarkson video

politics.co.uk – No 10 ‘wasted public money’ on Clarkson attack


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