Proactive Posting

I’ve been thinking about the blog a bit lately.  I’ve noticed that many posts have become reactive, listing my response to some detail in the news.  Frequently I’ve been ranting about the chaos of Middle Quinton or the disaster that is World Class (my arse) Stratford.  So I’ve decided to do something about it for a change and just post a stream of conciousness and see what happens.

It has been a week starting with two Mondays.  Now I hate the whole “I hate Mondays” attitude since the day serves and important purpose, moving us from Sunday to Tuesday.  This week though has been different with a couple of work issues creating havoc to reign on my desk.  My status on Facebook accurately depicted my struggle with the black dog but then I realised that many of the folks who see me on facebook might not understand what a black dog day is.  For those still not in the know check out this wonderful Wikipedia Black Dog reference which explains why I refer to day long run of bad luck as a “black dog day”.  Why do I have that term spring to mind?  Well, having spent many afternoons in the shadow of Meon Hill I know a tale or two about witchcraft, murder and black dogs.

Even sat now on a warm August evening in Virginia just mentioning Meon Hill makes my spine tingle.  It is one of “those places” that to me “just doesn’t feel right”.  This might just be a case of popular mass hysteria since the story of Charles Walton’s murder is well known, a popular (if not talked about) local ghost story even.  That being said the hill is very recognisable and I could see it from the pathway that started behind my home in Stratford.  It looms over the village of Lower Quinton where a good friend of mine used to live, and has to be journeyed around (no roads or footpaths go over the top of the hill itself) to get from my house and my parent’s house to the homes of my best friend’s family, his brother’s house, and the homes of several other friends.  That crouching mound has shimmered with horror on many a moon lit drive home, and in full sunlight there is something not quite seen about the place.  It is said to have provided inspiration for Tolkien‘s ‘Weathertop‘ from The Lord of the Rings.

Meon Hill, viewed from The Cotswold Way heading towards Dovers Hill

Meon Hill, viewed from The Cotswold Way heading towards Dover's Hill

I could ramble on about my own supernatural experiences in the Warwickshire countryside but I think I’ll save that for another day.  I reckon we got here because of my “black dog day” and me mentioning Middle Quinton up above, it explains the topic but I’ll wrap this up before I give myself nightmares.  Sleep well!


One comment

  1. Nhu · August 27, 2008

    I hope your days of being a black dog will end soon.

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