After Tropical Storm Hanna

In the end Hanna hit the D.C. Metro area as nothing more than a big thunderstorm.  Persistent rain, and occaisional gusts made it a good day to stay inside.  At 8pm I decided to go and see how flooded Pohick Creek was.  So with tripod and camera I clambered down the muddy slope through the woods to the waters edge.

Pohick Creek after Hanna

Pohick Creek after Hanna

The water looks like silk because in the rapidly fading light I had to use a long exposure of 30 seconds with an aperature of F5.6 focused at infinity.  The river is considerably wider than usual, and is still 2-3feet above normal levels in this photograph.  The debris and damage showed it had been a couple of feet higher still at the height of the storm.

Hope everybody else stayed dry and safe.


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