So much for fuel assistance

Another huge Gordon Brown/Labour (mis)government success is being reported today.  It appears that the “Winter Fuel Assistance Package” announced by Gordon earlier this week may actually increase your winter fuel bills since the government cannot stop the fuel companies from passing the cost of the package on to you, the fuel paying customer!

So not only was the plan idiotic in the first place by offering funding to the fuel companies to offer discounts rather than the fuel customers that need it (pensioners, the disabled, those on low income support) to pay their bills but it also allows the fuel companies to make extra revenue by charging their customers more for any work carried out as part of the package. Don’t worry though, Business Secretary John Hutton has said that there would be no justification for them doing so.  Mr Hutton is obviously not aware that his government’s policy provides half-price insulation and frankly;

Half-price loft insulation is a great deal, except when you can’t afford to run the lights and the electric fire at the same time because your state pension isn’t enough to pay for both and food!

– me

BBC News – Fuel Policy ‘may end up on bills’

— update — update — update —

It appears Gordon couldn’t even get the announcement right.  When it was announced that “all pensioners would recive free insultaion” the policy actually states “all pensioners over 75”.  So if you’re a woman between 60 and 75, or a man between 65 and 75 it might be time to ask your MP if you qualify for free insulation like the nice Prime Minister said!

BBC News – Brown attacked on pensioner deal


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