Be afraid, be very afraid

The BBC News website is running a magazine piece asking “Who are the British creationists?

Before we delve much further I better state that for the record I’m an agnostic as far as religion is concerned.  My interest in history has taught me that organised religion has caused many of the wars that litter mankinds past, during the crusades both sides charged into battle shouting that they fought for the glory of god.

So why am I afraid that a percentage of folks on the extremist fringes of various organised religions are now gaining political platforms and the right to force their creationist doctrine onto children in schools?  I’m worried because their argument is dangerously one-sided and in these terribly politically correct times nobody in office dares to tell them otherwise.  Looking at the situation abstractly it comes down to a simple choice:

  • Evolution – A scientific theory (and that doesn’t mean it is just an idea) that includes examples that can be studied demonstrating these changes within documented human history, backed up by a catalogue of scientific evidence.
  • Creationism – An idea (not enough evidence to call it a scientific theory) that everything just was, and don’t ask difficult questions about life outside of spaceship earth because the stars are just twinkling lights in the sky!

I’d like to live in an age of science please, where the education taught in schools embraces the diversity of all religions and the many different creationist visions are explained in the right place in the Religious Studies class and not the Science Laboratory.  Believe what you like, but don’t teach it as fact!

If you’re undecided, consider this:

Evolution can be supported via DNA analysis and carbon dating, two scientific practices that can have their results proved and verified via data in the public domain.  If you still aren’t certain take a look at how viruses evolve beneath a microscope, and ask why a supreme beign would create avian flu! Also take a look at Charles Darwin’s notes, unlike god he made his available!

Creationism is supported in many religions, many of which disagree about who the creator is, and all of which agree that the believers of other religions are following a pack of evil lies.

As Douglas Adams once wrote:

“I refuse to prove that I exist” said God, “for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing!”

Me, I’m certain I’m a collection of particles evolved from slime via chimps.  I share 50% of my DNA with bananas, and I’m sitting on a small lump of spinning rock floating through an expanding cloud drifting through an infinite void.


One comment

  1. uphilldowndale · September 15, 2008

    I read what Rev Professor Michael Reiss had to say and was very afraid.

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