Gordon Brown “I will do better”

Good old Gordon, always there to raise a laugh as you sip the morning coffee and wonder what is happening back home in your green and pleasant land.  The BBC are quoting him as saying:

“I always want to do better and I will do better,”

BBC News – I will do better, Brown pledges

Not to put it mildly, but nothing like setting yourself an easy goal Gordon.  If you had fancied a challenge you’d have said the opposite because you would have to struggle hard to do things much worse.

As Chancellor from 1997 until 2007 Gordon failed to implement any of the banking reforms that are now being suggested.  He never suggested policies that would prevent greedy banks from failing and requiring nationalisation to keep the bank’s customers afloat.  He took the reigns of a system recovering from the recession of the early nineties and carefully, and cautiously steered it into the recession of 2008!

he added he was “never complacent” and “always wanted to test what we have done against what has been done previously and learn lessons from that”.

BBC News – I will do better, Brown pledges

Unfortunately the lesson appears to be “Shouldn’t have done that, whoops, shouldn’t have done that either”. On a plus note he did state that he feels the cabinet is united behind him.  Is that like Brutus and his fellow plotters behind Caesar?  Did he not see the YouGov survey for the Sunday Times of 1200 Labour party members that suggested 53% thought Mr Brown was “indecisive and dithering” and just 34% thought he had an exciting vision for the future?

To top it all off with a political soundbite cherry on top of this steaming pile of nonsense he stated that the current economic problems (nurtured over 10 years by his policies):

could not be dealt with through soundbites and slogans but through “wisdom” and “big decisions”.

And then went on to announce free nursery places for two year olds. Good old Gordon, those 2 years olds might be the only ones naive enough to vote for another Labour term come the general election.


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