Katie Couric for Vice President

If you don’t watch CBS news you may not have seen Sarah Palin laboring to keep to the script and “on message” under Katie Couric’s tactful and well balanced questioning.  You can watch the clip by playing the embedded clip below or by visiting the CBS News website.

As the interview questions became more focused Palin showed her lack of experience at handling the media and fell back to flustered repitition of practised phrases.  Her answers could only have sounded more carefully rehearsed and scripted if the cue cards had been held in shot.  The appearance was definitely more ‘hockey mom’ and showed little promise of her ever becoming a substantial and dependable VP.

If she is going to continue with the hand waving and snide remarks about the opposing candidates I feel the least she could do is learn a little more about her running mates past political career, it would make those pauses in interviews look just a little less embaressing.

Why do I feel that Putin, Ahmadinejad, and even Gordon Brown must be rubbing their hands in glee knowing that any negotions with the Vice-President of the United States of America could become a whole lot easier next year.

One comment

  1. Diana · September 29, 2008

    Yep to me she is the antithesis of what every woman hopes to see. I know not everyone feels this way but OUCH, she hurts me.

    I wish Katie had asked her if she had ever MET a Russian–you know those guys with the crazy hats 😉

    The international press will KILL us if she’s elected.

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