10 ways to a better drive home

The BBC News Magazine site has a brilliant list of 10 ways to rediscover the joy of motoring.

Just what I need to make the drive home more fun, although according to the article my commute is at the limit of what is healthy at about an hour on a Friday evening!

I’m a big believer in their tip about not changing lanes in slow moving traffic

You’re on a motorway and the traffic has slowed to a crawl. Why do the other lanes always seem to be moving faster?

They don’t really, says Mr Vanderbilt. They only seem to because of something called “loss aversion” which means our brains are more sensitive to loss so we tend to notice the cars that overtake us, not the ones we leave behind.

And changing lanes is counter-productive. It increases the risk of an accident, makes a driver more stressed and doesn’t make much difference.

BBC News Magazine – 10 ways to rediscover the joy of motoring

I’d also like to encourage drivers to keep to the inside lane if it is free, don’t hog the middle or outside lanes.  It will keep the traffic flowing easier, and stop people from getting bunched up behind you when you start those long and illegal cellphone calls!


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