A haphazard post

Hey folks, you know how these late night posts go… so once more unto the depths of Ian’s mind.

After a few weeks of playing with Linux, and having got it setup in the workshop I suddenly realised that I was never going to use the old (and small) hard disk drive for anything else.  I’ve already got two I use for backup, and intend to buy a new large one soon.  So I had this disk witha perfectly legitimate copy of XP sat in a drawer doing nothing.  This didn’t make much sense.

So ce soir I have reinstalled it, fixed my hack of the BIOS and got the machine up and running again.  It has been stripped of some of the un-needed software (I’m unlikely to use the Wacom tablet down here and Nortons AntiVirus has been replaced by an open source and free for home use alternative).  I’ll keep the Linux CD on hand for when the dust down here kills the HDD for good, but for now I’m just back being a PC!

In other news, I was friended on Facebook today by somebody I’d known in school.  They’re expats now too, but a different continent to mine, and therefore about the right distance as far as I am concerned.  It did raise an interesting question, why try and friend somebody you used to bully?  Oddly enough I didn’t accept the request, no hard feelings but if you were that much of a git then why would I want to know you now?  Now that statement wrankles with me a bit, because I am not the person now that I was then.  For a start a lot of what I put up with then would now end in a fairly substantial fight, I’ve grown more devious and less scared with age, a combination of maturity and 20:20 hindsight.  So if I can change and become this fine figure of a man, is it not possible for the bully to also change and become a human being?  I pondered this question quite a lot last year when a similar thing happened (but didn’t get blogged about) and the answer I came up with didn’t surprise me in the least…  I don’t care if they’ve changed or not, they’re not worth knowing now to find out either way.  If time travel was possible a few good thumpings might get handed out, but since I try and keep myself in the present, move on!

So move on I shall, now to bed, perchance to dream…. and more about dreams later.


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