Post office closures get serious!

I don’t believe it!!!  I knew the closure of rural post offices was serious, but apparently even Postman Pat has had to relocate to a city center!  The van has now been swapped for a motorbike and sidecar, and even a helicopter!  So the little bit of entertainment education that children got about the rural community from the show has now been replaced with stories reinforcing the town mentality.

Post office closures mean Pat has to go to Pencaster to work

Post office closures mean Pat has to go to Pencaster to work

What next?  Will “The Archers” move to London?  Is Emmerdale (used to be Emmerdale Farm, remember) going to be turned into an eco-town?  Just another example of “you won’t know what you had until it has gone” mentality.  Where will children see sheep and cows, and have the chance to learn where their food comes from, if all we show them are cartoon examples of their own lives and surroundings?  How will they learn to appreciate the countryside if they don’t get shown it occaisionally?

Postman Pat in hi-tech spat as he relocates from Lake District post office – The Times

Postman Pat gets 21st century makeover… with a sorting office, stunt bike and helicopter- Daily Mail

Postman Pat promoted to sorting office- The Telegraph


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