Wait until the microphone is off Tom!

On the FOX News Live Stream from the second presidential debate, before they cut the feed back to the studio you could clearly hear Tom Brokaw chatting jovially about how both candidates ignored the time limits.  At the one point he could be clearly heard saying:

I was looking for a trapdoor I could spring…

We hear yah Tom!

Brokaw was definitely the winner in tonight’s debate.  With Obama in second place, and a laclustre McCain in a low third place.  McCain’s policy announcement for the government to buy out all defaulted mortgages was a brilliant example of the ‘main street rescuing Wall Street’ policy that will cost the tax payer billions while saving the banks from any major losses by letting them offload their bad debt to the government.  Was this a half-baked vocal slip?

Obama defended well against McCain’s occaisional swipes, and appeared the global politician alongside the aging national figure.  You can bet that both sides will claim victory in the morning’s papers but really with his figures slipping in all the polls was McCain’s performance enough?  I think not.

Brokaw made the “trapdoor” comment shortly after this chaotic ending to the debate:


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