The Last Presidential Debate

I’m feeling a bit weary of these debates now.  This evening’s was not as exciting as the Biden vs Palin bout of a few weeks back, possibly because both of these candidates are politicians.  The thing is I was expecting fireworks, I was expecting McCain to “come out fighting” as he’d promised in rallies last week, I was expecting an attempt by the Republican candidate to try and claw back some territory from what appears to be a foregone conclusion as the race reaches its final weeks.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any of that.  Instead I watched a quiet and polite Obama listen patiently while McCain started spluttering from the same list of talking points as he used in teh first debate.  When the topic came to dirty campaigning McCain tried to play himself as the wounded party demanding appologies and playing his face like a petulant child.  He did succeed in forcing Obama to raise the issue of racism first by drawing attention to comments and chants made at the Republican rallies held by Sarah Palin, but even that backfired when McCain started his response by stating how proud he was of all his supporters followed by several minutes of frantic back pedaling as he tried to distance himself from some of the wild words coming from his supporters.

Basically we saw a quiet and dignified performance from Obama, and his responses tended to focus on his policies and his ambitions for the future of America.  We saw a more scattered collection of response from John McCain, his tactics being to repeatedly harangue Obama about minor aspects of his policies or to rant on about “Joe the plumber”.  The only outcome of this was that unless you happen to be called Joe, and happen to be a plumber, the McCain camp didn’t seem to have a whole lot to offer you.  McCain also managed to completely fail to give an answer to the question about what kind of president his VP choice would prove to be if something happened to him, instead he decided to harp on about Sarah Palin’s family.  He managed not to mention that she was found guilty of abusing power over the weekend!

So in closing, was this the outstanding performance McCain needed to put him back in the race?  No.  Did Obama make any obvious gaffes, or rise to any baiting? No.  Is there really much doubt about who will be the next President of the United States? No, as shown on CNN.  So all we have to do now is wait for the morning media splurge to see how the mainstream media thinks it all went!

Visit or for some examples of McCain and Palin’s campaigning tactics.

For details on the Obama/Biden ticket from the official website go to

For Wikipedia articles on both presidential candidates click John McCain or Barak Obama


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