Coffin Update

Okay, several of my readers have asked how preparations are going for Halloween this year.  So here are a couple of photographs revealing the chaos in my workshop, and what I got up to today.  So far the coffin has been painted black and given a dusting of silver spray to give it an aged look and to add texture.  We’ve then cut red felt to shape and lined the inside of the coffin using my trusty glue gun.  Laura has made a pair of dummy legs to fit under her vampire bride’s wedding dress, and we’ve had successful tests of the coffin trestle table on the bridge itself, and of the coffin in the workshop.  We’re still not finished, but it is a lot closer and I’m starting to relax a little bit…. which means I must have forgotten something!

The coffin from above
The coffin from above
Another angle
Another angle

The lining at the head end of the coffin is not glued down, and a cutaway section underneath will allow Laura to appear through from the underside.  We might have made the legs a bit long, but we can always shorten them if needs be.  Not bad for styrofoam, felt, a pair of tights, some newspaper, masking tape, a coathanger, a glue gun, and a couple of tins of paint!


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