I’m Joe the Plumber

I’ve just seen the John McCain advert where people claim that they are ‘Joe the Plumber’ and that they will suffer higher taxes if Barak Obama wins the US election.  I’m not sure if I should be offended, or just keep laughing.  I’m a British ex-pat who won’t be voting as a green card holder, and even I’m wondering how deserate a campaign must be getting if they are falling back on portraying the population of the United States as an unqualified, tax-evading, water and waste repairman.

I’m a skilled worker in the field of Information Technology, and I’m not ‘Joe the Plumber’ because before making an opinion I do a basic amount of research and look at the claims and proposals made by the candidates.  I also then compare their candidate’s promises with past performance.  I consider the global economy as it stands today (probably worse tomorrow) and I look at how I want to be treated next year, as well as in 4 years time, and in a decades times.  I do all this, and then I wonder “who would want to be Joe the Plumber?”

I don’t want 15 minutes of fame, I don’t want to fall into a campaign that makes adverts that look like the pissing contest between Apple and Microsoft, and I really don’t want to be associated with some poor schmuck that got pulled into a world of global politics that he was in no way prepared for.  I want a candidate that has stood in 3 debates and said he will try to maintain or lower the taxes of 95% of Americans, even when the global economy states that anyone would have to raise taxes.  I want a candidate that will allow everyone to recieve medical care without facing crippling bills, regardless of their job.  I want a candidate that doesn’t rely on McCarthyism to try and force voters away from reform just because it might not favour the rich.

As I said earlier, I’m an ex-pat, and I won’t be voting, but I really hope America doesn’t become more isolationist than it is already viewed on the world stage.  I don’t want to live in a region where we joke about being a target and I don’t want to watch a proud nation slip back to a time of “reds under the bed” and “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” policies.

So if anyone from the McCain camp is reading this, you missed your target with that advert.  Have a long think about who you are reaching for and try again, because unless you come up with a new message it will be a quiet and lonely evening for you on November 4th.


Looks like I’m not alone, Obama has drawn attention to the misleading, negative campaigning too:

BBC News – Obama criticises ‘ugly’ tactics

The commercial as listed on John McCain’s YouTube page

The “Try This” tax cuts commercial from Barak Obama’s YouTube page:


6 thoughts on “I’m Joe the Plumber

  1. Great blog posting. I suppose the choices are becoming more polarised every day – Mr Negative v Mr Positive; Who cares what the facts are, just do what I say v I believe you’re intelligent to Check the facts yourself and make your own mind up; and I grew up in the 1950s and think McCarthyism is a good thing v You need policies to take you forward successfully into the 2050s because it’s your life and your choice.

  2. Nhu

    That was spot on. The whole “poisoning the well” tactic is just ridiculous and hopefully people won’t be persuaded by it.

  3. freedomrains01

    give people get tax cuts then most of the middle class will take vacations, which is good for mental health along with the nation. More people visiting other places bring currency, to the area increasing the amount of money there, along with jobs. on top of that it would help the world… But thats my opinion. peace!

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