Is Russell Brand funny?

The BBC Website Magazine asked the question Why is Russell Brand funny?

With all the fuss over his prank phonecall exploits with Jonathan Ross (Prank call timeline) I think the article misses the point that Russell Brand is just trying to be the modern day Kenny Everett.  Let us consider the ways that Brand has followed exactly in Cuddly Kenny’s footsteps:

  • Dressing to cause shock or controversy
  • Publishing comically titled memoirs that hid ‘dark secrets’ (The Custard Stops at Hatfield and My Booky Wook)
  • Unorthodox but unfortunately/bizarely made public sex-lives
  • “Fired” from BBC Radio due to their broadcast exploits
  • Television shows that pushed the boundaries of ‘the best possible taste

and this is just the obvious list that strikes me at 1am!

Was the prank call out of order?  Definitely, but I feel suspending Ross, and Brand’s resignation is an easy escape which allows them both to move on to fresh projects.  Could it possibly be that Brand quit because he wasn’t going to be “fired” like Kenny?


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