Good on yer Charlie!

Bardsworld would like to wish His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales many happy returns on this his 60th birthday.

The Prince of Wales

The official 60th birthday photograph

The official 60th birthday photograph

Since I’ve moved to D.C. I’ve missed the occaisions where I’d be walking through Stratford and suddenly find a road closed as HRH took a stroll from the theatre up Chapel Lane.  Aside from few locals and tourists who stopped to see the show there would be very little fuss, and it makes me smile to think I’ve stood within a few feet of Britain’s next King as he’s taken a walkabout and chatted with those of us also out that day.  Now I’m on this side of the pond I just need to prepare for the traffic chaos that will occur around next January’s Presidential Inaugeration!

Oh, and this post’s title is the reason why I didn’t get to shake his hand on the last time I saw him in Stratford.  As he made his way along the street he’d shaken hands and spoken with those of us who’d come out to watch.  As he reached where I was stood an elderly gentleman waved from a 3rd story window and boomed “Good on yer Charlie!” causing HRH to look up and wave back as he stepped past where I was stood.  You can’t begrudge a comic moment like that, so I’ll just shake his hand the next time I see him!


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