A common language

When asked what it is like living in America I generally answer “different” because it is very different to my life growing up in rural Warwickshire.  The biggest difficulty though is language, I’ve often joked that American voice recognition systems just don’t cope well with an English accent, leaving me screaming in a bad John Wayne impression down the phone when trying to reach a human being.

It turns out it isn’t just me, and that a new application for the Iphone that enables voice searches has exactly the same problem.  You can read all about it in the Telegraph :- Google iPhone voice-recognition tool baffled by British accents.

The most unusual responses were to a Welsh accent, when the device interpreted “iPhone” as “gorillas” and “kitchen sink”.

Google points out on its website that the application is “currently available only in US English”.

I guess the answer is not to search by voice but to just Let Me Google That For You!


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