Extra Long Life Battery

We’ve got a clock on the mantelpiece over our fireplace.  It stood on the mantelpiece of our fireplace in England, and as when we were there it gets glanced at on occaision and probably touched twice a year to reset it for daylight savings.  Rcently I’d noticed the battery was running down, and although the pendulum still swung the quartz clock mechanism had ceased to move the hands in a timely manner.  I couldn’t remember when I’d last changed the battery so I went and took down the clock to see what sized replacement I’d need.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the back of the clock and found a Tesco’s Extra Long Life Alkaline Battery, a 1.5volt C cell.  The “install by end” date on the side of the battery has the date 01 2004!  Since there are no Tesco’s in this part of the United States, and I’m not in the habit of bringing back batteries on our annual holiday I can only assume that this battery has been inside the clock since we last left in England, over 5 years ago!

That is definitely a good definition of extra long life!


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