Bottled water for dogs?

I’ve posted before about the wastefulness of plastic water bottles, and how after every flood the creek behind my home deposits a high-tide line of plastic water bottles.  This problem isn’t going away anytime soon even with ever expanding recycling programs and campaigns to encourage using reusable containers.  So I was shocked today as I pushed my trolley through the crowded aisles of shoppers preparing for Thanksgiving when I saw the following product:

Fortifido - could it get any weirder?

Fortifido - could it get any weirder?

Yes, it really is bottled water for dogs!  Am I alone in thinking how ironic it is that the stream the dog could be drinking from will be polluted by a bottle that a dog has been drinking from!?!?!?!

Fortifido is manufactured by Cott Beverages, Inc. (NYSE: COT)and in this time of a financial crisis it does make you wonder why a beverage manufacturer would risk so much producing what must be considered a luxery product!

Wouldn’t it have been wiser to make a bowl with a water bottle screw top attachment so you could pour your chocie of water into a portable bowl for your thirsty pooch while out and about?  Most dogs I know are not adverse to supping from puddles, streams, or even toilets, so I’m not sure there is too much demand from the end user for this product.  It just seems like yet another excuse to make environmental waste, especially when it can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to decay.

I’ve never known a dog that could open a twist top bottle anyway!  Sometimes things are just a little too weird!


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