Recovering from Thanksgiving

When life gets busy I either post more because my brain is fired up, or post less because I just don’t have the time.  The latter is the reason between it going quiet for this last week, we’ve had family in town for Thanksgiving and there just hasn’t been time to sit at the computer and spod.

So what have I been up to?  Well, there was the normal bacchanalian feast of turkey and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving itself on Thursday.  Contary to previous years I managed to resist the abundance of alcohol normally soaking into the stuffing on these occaisions and enjoyed not just the evening of eating but also the morning after.  Who said I’ve not got wiser as I’ve got older 😉

Prior to the festing on Thursday, and again on Saturday morning, we hauled out the chainsaw and encouraged our house-guests to join Gordon and I on the trail clearing brush and collecting firewood.  A couple of trees had been felled earlier in October due to lightening strike and disease and so we needed to clear the tops and clutter of branches from the common property and tidy up the branches and trunks.  We hauled what we could, and ensured what remained was both tidy and safe.  We’d split all of the existing aged firewood earlier in the November and now have two large racks overspilling with firewood.  The hauling over the holiday this weekend allowed us to restock both of the unsplit wood piles, and the tarps cover huge piles of branches and logs which should give us plenty of firewood for winter 2009!

So the recovering needed this Thanksgiving is from the sore and aching shoulders and back from hauling a couple of trees worth of firewood.  I think this must be the first holiday ever where I actually worked off more energy than I ate!


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