Remembering Oliver Postgate

I’ve just read in the Telegraph the obitury for Oliver Postgate.

Oliver Postgate, the creator of Bagpuss, has died – The Telegraph

His name may not instantly spring to mind, but I am certain that if you watched childrens television in Britain during your childhood you’ve been influenced by his creations.  He is the creator of Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine, The Clangers, and Noggin the Nog and it is hard to think of such an iconic list of childrens television programs.  Even now as I type a mouse in a pale blue dress and a small, saggy, pink striped cat peer at me from beside the monitor.

Watching Bagpuss now I am entranced by the simple sets, the basic storytelling, and the simple values that were taught through the exploits of the characters.  A co-worker described it as:

“very cozy and oh so ‘British’ … I mean British with a capital B!”

To think that all of these classics were made in an old stable in Kent!

These shows helped define my sense of surreal humour and I can remember listening in fits of giggles when it was explained in an interview on BBC Radio 4 that The Clangers had a script with real words which were then spoken through the swanny whistles!  It was comic genius and creative brilliance at its best and definitely a collection of shows that small children anywhere could easily enjoy.

There were only 13 episodes of Bagpuss ever made, but the legend will live on.

Thank you Mr Postgate.

Bagpuss and Ivor creator dies – BBC News


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