Breakdown – It had to happen eventually

After 3 years, 10 months, and about 27 days of Lotus ownership the jokes about reliability finally came true and it failed to get me home.

In the dark, off the road!

In the dark, off the road!

I’ve always sat in traffic watching the engine temperature gauge wondering what I’d do if the fans didn’t cut in when the needle reached the 3/4 mark.  After watching them cut in and reduce the temp. back to the halfway mark twice last night I found out.  The needle creeped to 3/4 and then carried on “into the red”.  I’d hoped to let it cool for an hour and then coast home, but upon the restart 2 red lights had us back in the danger zone and I decided the time had come to call it in.

USAA provided a great tow service, even if Henry’s Wrecker Service was misdirected to the wrong location and so failed to find me for an extra 40 minutes.  They’d sent two trucks, a flatbed and a rear-hitch lift, and the knowledgeable crew rapidly decided that a lift and dollies was going to be much easier and safer than trying to get my low car up the steep ramp of the flatbed.  I nervously watched as they lifted the car off the ground, with less than an inch to spare between hydraulic crushing power and delicate fiberglass bodywork. The tow was short and swift and the car is now resting at Curry’s Auto Service awaiting repair.

Hopefully a new fan activation switch and possibly a new thermostat should see everything back to normal, with possibly a coolant flush to clear the frazzled fluid!  Fingers crossed I’ll be back on the road before the weekend!

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