BFI Movie List

There is a reason why when I can’t sleep I should not surf the British Film Institute’s website.  The reason is that I discover a vast number of films which I’ve never seen but now feel I must.  For example:

  • Alex Cox double bill – Straight to Hell & Death and the Compass
    • Alex Cox presenting Moviedrome on BBC 2 introduced me to some amazing films.  When I’ve come across his own movies they’ve always been captivating, and the cast list alone for ‘Straight to Hell’ has me wanting a region 1 copy.
  • Radio On
    • Just look at the list of musicians, got to be a classic!
  • Peter Greenaway‘s The Draughtsman’s Contract
    • Nobody lights or frames a film like Peter Greenaway, the product of his direction looks more like a oil painting than a movie.  Aside from the director, the plot synopsis sounds like a brilliant period romp, what could be better on a cold winter’s evening?
  • London & Robinson In Space
    • I’m just intrigued by this, the concept sounds brilliant and I’d love to see how it looks.  They both look like time-capsules from my teens and early twenties, and to see how the world I grew up in has been captured sounds most interesting.
  • L’armee des Ombres
    • My enjoyment of the Nouvelle Vague movement of French cinema, and of the energy of more contemporary films (Amelie, Nikita, etc.) meant that I could list almost the entire French film section, but I’ll just pick this one title.  Again, the synopsis did it for me.  The personal nature of the film’s subject matter, and the different viewpoint make this sounds like a fascinating film.

Okay, now it is 06:10, I’ve been up since about 3:30am, and I really should try and get more sleep.  G’night!


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