Christmas Chart #1 – December Will Be Magic Again

You’ve waited long and hard for this #1 moment and so without further ado may I present Kate Bush performing December Will Be Magic Again from her 1979 Christmas Special!

This might be a surprise to some of you, but this is my favourite “Christmas” tune.  It may only have reached #39 in the UK charts when originally released in 1980, but it seems to get played more and more frequently now, which is surprising since it never had an album release, appearing originally as a single, then as a B-side re-release, and after a brief foray on a couple of Christmas compilation CDs it managed to get included in the “This Woman’s Work” boxed set.

The video is well preserved and the audio allows you to hear clearly lyrics that were described as “brilliant but unitelligable” by BBC Radio1 DJ Nicky Campbell on my original “taped-off-the-air” copy.  The combination of beautiful lyrics, a simple yet festive tune, and Kate’s magnificent voice make this a real treasure, and yes, before anybody asks I do own a copy on vinyl!

So now, with my favourite Christmas tune playing in your ears, and the promise of presents, Christmas pudding, and The Queen’s speech (Available on YouTube from 3pm GMT Christmas Day)  to look forwards to may I wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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