Not another 2008 review

The web seems to be awash with reviews of 2008 and rather than jump on that bandwagon I reckon I’ll just post a quick update 😉

So Christmas 2008 was a wonderful and relaxing experience, although the unseasonably warm temperatures meant that instead of sitting by the fire reading a book I sat by the fireplace reading a book.  The difference was subtle but didn’t detract from the experience.  My little brother provided the book in the form of Major Chris Hunter’s Eight Lives Down and it was finished in short order.  Knowing people who have served in that region the book struck a chord with me when I realised I’d chatted with friends about some of the locations mentioned in the book, and it gave me a deeper understanding of both their service and experiences, and of the stresses and pressures that all forces are under.  Thanks Dodge for super read!

In other news, it looks like we’ll be adding an animal to the house in 2009.  (Did you feel the gears of the universe crash then on the topic shift?)  After considerable research into the field of pets and allergies we’d spent some time looking at hypo-allergenic breeds.  Initially we considered dogs, a neighbour has a Labra-doodle puppy which was adorable and also didn’t trigger a sneezing fit.  They looked positive, but something wasn’t quite clicking… are we really dog people?  So on to cats, and the current favourite is the Siberian!  They’re big (up to 15-20lbs) forest cats from Siberia (oddly enough) and by a strange quirk of genetics they have very low levels of the protein that causes most cat allergies.  They also look particularly impressive, see :-

A Siberian cat

A Siberian cat

So we’re not Russian in to anything… see what I did there, Siberian Cat, Russia, get it? We’re going to do some more research, including my least favourite kind… exposure tests.  However, if all goes well, and I don’t end up a ball of mucus and sneezing, there is a good chance that we’ll be joined in the house by a cat some time in 2009!


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