Supporting Morris Dancing

There was some fuss this week that Morris dancing could soon disappear from the village greens of England.

The Telegraph – Morris dancing ‘could be extinct in 20 years’

BBC News – Morris dancing ‘extinction’ fear

I’m guessing it must be a slow news week that brings it about since the Telegraph ran an almost identical story last September; The Telegraph – Morris dancing ‘could die out if young blood not recruited soon’.  Maybe there is some truth to the rumours, after all the current government seems to be set on urban sprawl and a death of country traditions.  Even the new knife laws introduced last April caused problems; The Telegraph – Morris dancing threatened by new knife laws.

Hopefully though, like the attempts to end hunting in rural Britain, this threat to Morris will bring back the dancers in greater numbers than ever before.  I know if I was still living in Warwickshire I’d be looking to join my local side, Ilmington Morris, and had been talking to them about it the summer we moved to the U.S.  It seems a long time ago now but the last time I actually saw a dance was at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in Idlicote, back in 2002.  I had my camera and captured a bit for posterity….

Ah, my childhood in rural Warwickshire; village fetes, Morris dancers, stubble burning, following the hunt, the smell of muck-spreaders… and I ended up in software development, go figure!


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