For Harry, England, and the News of the World

So it looks like The News of the World has found a way to increase circulation a bit this week.  They’ve released video footage taken by Prince Harry in 2006 while he on training from Sandhurst. Click to watch the “News of the World edited” video.

Was the choice of words wise? No.  Was recording them smart? No. Were they spoken with malice? No.  Is the News of the Word struggling to meet circulation figures by stirring up anti-royalist sentiment with a piece of old news?  I’d have to say that looks like a big “Yes”.

I agree completely that HRH’s choice of words was unwise when he made them 3 years ago.  I’d also say it isn’t anywhere near the worst thing I’ve ever heard said by a group of lads when messing around with a video camera.  Prince Harry has already issued an apology (The Telegraph – Prince Harry apologises over racist video) , so surely the matter should be considered closed.

On a week when Israel continued it’s disproportionate attack on Gaza and was accused of committing war crimes (BBC News – Israel “shelled civilian shleter”, BBC News – Israel accused over Gaza wounded), Russia attempted to blackmail the Ukraine and Europe through gas blockades (BBC News – Why Europe needs Russian gas), the global economic situation darkened, and British and allied forces struggled to improve the lives of the local populations of Iraq and Afghanistan, can we say the News of the World acted in the public’s interest?

The tabloid press needs to move from gutter celebrity journalism, a hopeless dream I know, but one I’d like to see all the same.

On the flip side of the coin, where is the tabloid outrage and ire for Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo who wrote-off his Ferrari in a crash in a tunnel under Manchester Airport?  The car looked like this:

Image from BBC News website

Image from BBC News website

but the News of the World website had this to say:

Search results from Sunday, 2 days after the crash

Search results from Sunday, 2 days after the crash

Yes, no results found.  Even the BBC relegated the story to their Newsround pages for children;

Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo has wrecked his car in a crash near Manchester Airport.

The 23-year-old winger was driving his Ferrari sports car through tunnels underneath the runways when he crashed into a barrier on Thursday morning.

Luckily he wasn’t hurt and Manchester United have confirmed he is already back in training after Wednesday’s Carling Cup semi-final against Derby.

Police said an investigation into the cause of the crash is under way.

Ronaldo’s team-mate Edwin van der Sar was following the Portuguese international in his Bentley, but wasn’t involved in the accident.

Now can you say “Speeding”, “reckless driving” and “Racing another over-payed idiot in an expensive car”?  He trashed the car, ripping a wheel off a Ferrari isn’t something easily done at legal speeds, while in a fairly straight tunnel under an airport but he was lucky to be uninjured and allowed to carry on to training. Talk about bias in journalism, I’m sure a lot of Man U fans read the NotW and you wouldn’t want to upset them! Makes you sick!


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