Remembering Tony Hart

I’ve just read the sad news that artist and television presenter Tony Hart has died.

Like many children in Great Britain I was introduced to a creative world by Tony and his exhuberant performances on shows like Vision On (1964–77), Take Hart (1978–84), and Hartbeat (1985–94).  Thanks in part to his rapid style of drawing, and his sometimes surreal sense of humour (who remembers his interactions with Morph?), I enjoy grabbing a pad and paper and sketching what I see.  Enjoying looking at and making art was a definite life lesson he shared through his programs.

In this digital age, where every child seems to have a games console or a mobile phone, and images are captured on digital cameras and manipulated on a screen, it is important to learn and remember the physical, practical side of art, and the fun that can be had with a few sticks of chalk and a blank piece of paper.  Thank you Tony Hart.

Tony Hart – Wikipedia entry

Tony – the official website

Obituary in The Telegraph

TV presenter Tony Hart dies at 83 – BBC News (includes video montage)


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