Ch-ch-ch-changes in temperature

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present exhibit #1:

Leaving Work on Friday

Leaving Work on Friday

At that time it was 30 degree Farenheit and I was wrapped up with a scarf, jacket and gloves against the chilling wind that gusted through the carpark at my office.

Now, for your consideration, exhibit #2:

Flip-flops on snow

Flip-flops on snow

It is Sunday afternoon, the temperature outside is a balmy 61 degrees, and Laura has decided it is time for flip-flops!  We’ve been for a stroll sans-jackets but requiring sunglasses, and even it shirt-sleeves it feels comfortably warm.  The last of the ice is melting and it realy seems like spring is around the corner, except…

Depending on how the wind blows on Monday afternoon and evening, we’re allegedly looking at between 2 inches and a foot of snow by Wednesday morning!  You’ve got to love Virginia, it manages to combine some broad extremes of weather, sometimes even in the same week!


One comment

  1. Laura · February 2, 2009

    Ahh, weather in Virginia. Flip flops, sneakers, galoshes / wellies, and snowboots in the space of 48 hours!

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