Getting to know the Clerkenwell Kid

It may have been chance, it may just have been a good bottle of wine, but somehow I came across The Real Tuesday Weld.  The longer I live in Virginia the further south, in the UK, my accent slips, and about now I’m somewhere around Bicester, so the ex-pat in me fell in love with the memories of home that seemed to dance in the words of Stephen Coates and his friend The Clerkenwell Kid.  I’d never been a jazz fan growing up, but the gentle soundscapes and twisted lyrics made my brain danc ethrough lanes I’d not seen since my childhood and even made me embrace a city in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible.

If you’re not a fan of concept albums, then podcasts are probably a lost artfrom for you.  If however you like having your audio experience envalope pushed and embrace the chance to listen to something different then you need to download the Radio Clerkenwell podcasts right now… The good news is you can get them from The Real Tuesday Weld’s website.  The better news is I’ve decided to directly link a few of my personal favourites in the form of; 1-Cupid & Psyche, 2-At The Home Of The…, 3-The Birds and The Bees, 4-Out of the Woods and into the trees, 5-I Love London, 6-The End and if you listen to that little lot and don’t feel a tingle in your ears and a peak in your curiosity then report to your doctor immediately.

The semi-serious tales, the “Antique Beat“, and the surreal humour all appeal to me on a deep and personal level.  So if you see The Clerkenwell Kid, tell him I said “Hi”.


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