It is cold!

I know I spoke on Sunday about the changable weather we get here in Virginia, well now I’m at it again.  This post is strictly in centigrade because that is how my brain works.

Sunday was warm, actually we had a recorded high of 17 centigrade in Springfield, on the same day the recorded low at the same location was -7 centigrade, quite a variation.  Since then we’ve had it get cooler, and when I say cooler I mean it has felt cold at night even with the heating on!  The good news is that the warmer days at the weekend melted the snow, and we’re back to the regular dry cold.  Meanwhile my old stomping grounds in England are seeing their worst snowfall in 18 years.  Things have been so bad that entire counties are running out of grit and salt for the roads : BBC News – Death-trap fear as salt runs low.

So while I hope everyone back home stays warm and safe in their winter wonderland, I’m off for another cold evening.  Today we had a recorded high of 1 centigrade, last nights low was a mere -5 centigrade, but tonight we’re headed to the frosty depths of -12 centigrade by sunrise.  In the old money that is a lovely 10 farenheit, or “proper cold”.  So I think I’m going to go and put a jumper on, make myself some warm food, and curl up under a blanket by the fire.


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