Formula 1 in 2009

Okay, before I begin, watch this:

Now, most of this looks like exciting stuff.  More down-force on the nose for better handling, plus slicks to give better grip and hopefully the end of the stupid “must use both compounds” rules.  Narrower cars, with less fins and boards, so lighter, faster, slipperier cars.  High rear wings in clearer air, hopefully this will allow the grip to be put down, whilst still enhancing the slippery aerodynamics.

Wait a minute though, have Berni and Max been playing the Xbox too much during the off season?  DId I hear Vittel say they were getting a BOOST BUTTON???  Now I agree that Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems sound like a great idea, and will hopefully allow for more advanced technology to be developed and hopefully silence the smug Prius owners in their boring cars. However, did they have to call it a BOOST BUTTON???  Maybe it is just me, but I reckon this will make the sport more exciting, but at the same time make the commentary sound like a group of gamers.  Just imagine….

Oh no, he’s not braked enough to build up his boost and now he just can’t sprint to the line in time.

Next thing you know they’ll be introducing time attack checkpoints!


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