There will be posting…

Sorry for the delays in posting loyal folks.  I’ve been a bit busy!  The two main distractions have been:

  1. Work – A terrible excuse I know, but when work is busy I find any free time my brain has is spent either trying to solve the problems I’ve left for tomorrow, or trying desperately to keep myself sane.  Thankfully I enjoy my job, and it isn’t busy like this too often.  However, these busy periods come in cycles, and so now I ride the whirlwind and look forwards to the next slower phase.
  2. Kittens – Yes, Laura and I decided on an animal, regardless of allergies.  So we’ve got Koshka our kitten, and we’ve been rapidly adjusting to kittenhood.  This has probably been the biggest impact on blogging, because it is so easy to lose an hour or two just curled up in an easy chair with a purring kitten asleep on your lap.

So my life continues to bge an oxymoron, the rural kid with the city job, the whirlwind of action whilst relaxing with the cat!   I’ll try and find more time to post dear reader, and do check out the photographs on the right as I try to post something every couple of days!

More anon…

The Bard!

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