Apology from Peter Mandelson?

Following the apology from Starbucks for comments made by chairman Howard Schulz about the British economy (BBC News – Starbucks apologises to Mandelson) is there any chance for an apology from Peter Mandelson for his disgraceful language in the angry tirade he threw back at Starbucks.  The moment was caught on camera, and has been seen around the world on many news channels.  This kind of mouthing off by the British Business Secretary encourages a negative perception of British business people and politicians.  I for one feel the nation deserves an apology!

That being said, with a previous record like Peter Mandelson’s, if he were to start apologising today I doubt he’d be finished by the end of the month.  How many more times can this devious character wheedle his way back into the political scene?

For more on Starbucks-gate see these articles:

Maybe if he spent a bit more time worrying about the economy, and a bit less time mouthing off at New York parties we’d get somewhere.  Also I can’t bring myself to use his title since his peerage was quite obviously a gift from the previous Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for Mandelson’s silence over numerous previous mis-deeds (see links below). Okay, rant over!

Previous Mandelson scandals

and don’t forget:

  • The 2007 scandal when as EU Trade Commissioner he tried to request an £80,000 Maserati as his official car.
  • The 1998 scandal into his exploits in Brazil.

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