Another snow day

A “winter event” blew through last night, dropping about six inches of powdery snow on northern Virginia.  The down side is the normal chaos as traffic grinds to a halt, and thousands of commuters try and decide if working from home is a viable alternative to sitting in traffic for hours on end.  Even with the heavy presence of VDOT’s snowplows and gritters there are still to many idiots on the road to make my 45 minute (on a good day) commute worth risking.

As is so often the case the conditions are the secondary danger, the real risk being the under-educated drivers on America’s roads.  The pickup truck and SUV drivers, feeling safe in their tonnes of steel, barralling along at highway speeds with smug “I’ve got 4wd” grins,  the “never seen snow before” folks new to the area who have never had to deal with the white stuff, and the “my journey is important as is this telephone call” drivers (usually in minivans or BMWs) who seem to feel that one hand and half a brain is sufficient for dealing with the conditions.  All three of the above are distracted, travelling at speed in conditions beyond their experience, and are not in a position to react when the inevitable emergency occurs.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy driving in snow.  I really enjoy driving in snow, just not with the above mentioned drivers packed around me.

So instead we took a stroll down to the creek before starting work from home, and it looked beautiful…

Pohick Creek in March snow
Pohick Creek in March snow

One thought on “Another snow day

  1. Aidan

    Lovely photograph! I wish we had had as much snow in Stratford, sadly we had to make do with only a couple of inches.

    *tries not to smirk*

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