Road to Hell

The US President spoke to the nation, and the world, last night about his plans for economic recovery (BBC News – Obama pledges economic recovery).  The words were honest, stating there would be no silver bullet solution, and that recovery was a gradual process more like an ocean liner than a speedboat.

The President’s words did not please everyone however, and the Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek, in his capacity as the EU President condemned Obama’s plan as “a way to hell” (BBC News – Czech PM attacks Obama spending).

Now, these could be seen as the words of a man struggling for some media attention while facing the end of his political career in his home nation (BBC News – Czech collapse ‘no threat to EU’) or alternatively, they could be seen as the words of a Chris Rea fan.  If the Czech PM is a fan he may just have a point, since Chris’ song “The Road to Hell” includes the following prophetic phrases:

This ain’t no technological breakdown
Oh no, this is the road to hell

And all the roads jam up with credit
And there’s nothing you can do
It’s all just bits of paper flying away from you
Oh look out world, take a good look
What comes down here
You must learn this lesson fast and learn it well
This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway
Oh no, this is the road
Said this is the road
This is the road to hell

Take it away Mr Rea!

not bad for a tune written about the M25!


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