Pity the fools

The various protests in London today have made me angry. The misguided actions of the legitimate protesters have done nothing but provide a human shield for the anarchic elements within these groups that seize every opportunity to damage property, assault the police, and commit acts of intimidation and robbery against the general public!

There are many issues with the current economic crisis that need addressing.  Changes need to be made. However changes have to be discussed, planned and agreed to, because anarchic revolution only works in fairy stories.

Many of the protesters interviewed on the news claimed to be there for peaceful protest and “to make [their] voices heard”.  It is a shame nobody has asked them the more pertinent question of; Are you registered to vote? Have you voted in all available elections? Have you considered running for office to bring about change via legitimate and peaceful means?  Instead they get their 30 seconds on camera while masked and hooded thugs in the background smash windows and loot properties.

Who are these misguided fools hurting?

  • The mythical “Evil Corporations” don’t feel the pinch of a broken shop window, that expense is picked up by the insurance company which then raises the premiums on every policy holder to cover the cost.
  • The battered and bleeding police officers were only trying to maintain peace and civil order. They are assaulted while trying to uphold their duty to protect members of the general public from the baying mob of masked thugs.  If the Police weren’t there the protest would not be more peaceful, because the thugs would just find new targets.  Who pays for this large Police operation though?  “The Man”?  No, the government has to pay the bill, and has to raise the money for it through taxation!

The answer is that they are hurting everyone, including themselves.

While they scream and rail their anti-globalisation message don’t remind them that their Nike trainers are made in China for an American firm, or that the car they drove down in was manufactured by a global car firm, and that their chicken nuggets or burger at lunchtime was made by yet another global conglomerate. They don’t want to hear how their ability to protest is built firmly on the foundation of the society they are protesting against.

Don’t ask them what they’d replace capitalism with.  They have no valid alternative.  If they had a real, tangible, credible alternative to capitalism that was so perfect that it would work better than our current state then wouldn’t they be in the ideal position to form a political party that had all those answers.  Heck, I think we’d all vote for a real solution, a real change, if it was a tangible thing.

They don’t have answers to those questions, they just have hate, hoods, and whistles.  Pretty banners and baseball bats are not a credible alternative to society, getting involved in improving society doesn’t mean driving an armored car into the center of London, or throwing smoke grenades at the Police.  Getting involved means becoming a political candidate, becoming a local councillor and improving your community to show how it can be done.  Running to be an MP with real answers, and bringing constitutional and legal change to the system via the system itself.

You can be part of the solution through investment of your time in constructive enterprises, or you can be one of the sheep, the flock of wet liberals who act as a human shield to the thugs and criminals smashing windows and attacking the world.

Be part of the solution!

More details available here:

The Telegraph – G20 Protests: Rioters loot RBS office after clashes in City

BBC News – G20 Call for action amid protests

The Guardian – Riot police clash with demonstrators

  • See how you can slant a story via the headline.  Assaulting Police officers, smashing the windows of a bank, then leaping in through the windows and throwing paperwork and office equipment into the streets becomes “Police clash…”  Oh, and watch the video and you’ll notice that none of the Police officers shown are in “riot gear” they are in normal high-visibility uniforms, and are facing hooded and masked thugs using banners to entangle and break up the police lines.

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